As Head Manager of Studio Q (2014-2015), I accomplished many goals that I set out with my talented team of full-time, part-time, and volunteers. We merged two services on campus to increase value to our product offerings (publications, photography, graphic design, live-streaming, video-production). I also spearheaded a complete top-down cultural overhaul that saw an unprecedented increase in volunteer/job applications.

Below are two physical products that I helped design and bring to life.


Tricolour Agenda


This project was undertaken with the goal of increasing distribution, quality, and function. We took a ring-binded, hard-covered material and changed it to a malleable cover made from a soft fabric called 'brillianta' for a more premium feel. The reduction of unnecessary pages made the agenda much thinner and more comfortable in one's hand. The layout was designed to be more minimal for optimal writing space. 

With increased marketing and distribution methods (e.g. customized agendas) we were able to see a 30% engagement level on posts on Facebook as well as a 110% increase in distribution. The one major mistake was printing an insufficient amount as we ran out within the first two months!


Queen's Handbook


The Queen's Handbook was inspired by "handbooks" that were distributed in the early 1900s at Queen's University. A pocket sized book with over 170 years of Queen's illustrious history, this publication was the first retail product and will be the first E-Commerce product, to come out of Studio Q. 

The marketing and distribution tactic targeted both incoming students as well as alumni. From online marketing (such as Facebook engagement of over 35%) to in-person sales tactics at alumni events, the Queen's Handbook was extremely well received and is en route to becoming a staple publication from the Yearbook and Design Services.

I executed the publication design, graphic design, and oversaw the production process.